My MYST fan-Fiction

here’s a mini series in which the action takes place in the MYST universe some years before the cave was discovered by the DRC.

in 1981 a young man from France disappears without leaving any trace.
Three years later a team of walkers found him in the desert of New Mexico in a state close to death holding a camera pressed against his chest.

The videotape was badly damaged, restoration is slow and painful. Here are the different stages of restoration

Interorium Terrae  part.1

interorium terrae part.2

Les images utilisée pour ces vidéos sont celles du Jeu en Ligne UrU live : Myst Online.

Une réponse à “My MYST fan-Fiction

  1. Great videos, very nicely done. Just the right amount of aging and blurriness to make it ‘real’, wonderful stuff, love the inclusion of live actors too…


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