Support me in my plea to the MYSTERIACS !

some time ago (in April 2008 exactly!) I submitted my application to mysteriacs to offer my services of musicians …

I have received no answers …

I think that is quite normal

I thought at the beginning of their project that it would be an achievement of Fans … by reading their blog I am forced to admit my mistake! this project is too large for a small obscure musician like me

I do not have the slightest chance of making the Sountracks of their film … Nevertheless, I need an answer … even negative …

Maybe, mysteriacs will need music for teasers? or the additional music to represent the D’ni music .

I know all my letters sent to Cyan or Mysteriacs are a terrible pretentious claim! But understand that any music that I compose, all the instruments that I make, are inspired by the Myst series and books …
That is why I get a reply or an assessment on the part of those who have created this inspiration !

I therefore need once again for your support if you think it deserves …

this is the videos i have sent to Mysteriacs…

the lyrics of this tunes are the text writing in D’ni on their first site movie (the puzzle) and Singer is B’rees (Boris DYMNY) from the D’Marnah, Band dedicated to D’Ni Music (the D’marnah’s MySpace here)

For support me you can post on the Blog/site of Mysteriacs « Myst , The Motion Picture  » at this adress

Thanks !

4 réponses à “Support me in my plea to the MYSTERIACS !

  1. wow absolutely awesome…i love the incorporation of the D’ni text as lyrics…truly D’ni music…i agree i hope this gets used somewhere in the movie

  2. This is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard. A real Myst melody with lyrics. As a besotted Myst fan I really appreciate all your efforts at producing an amazing and professional composition.
    Here’s hoping you receive the credit you deserve
    Regards, Leolie

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